Oil Rig Jobs Entry Level Positions

This page presents the available positions, where possible, it is a job without any previous experience on the high seas. Do you have experience abroad is usually a much easier job. Some jobs require skills second. For example, for a job as a welder, rigging must be a competent and qualified welders. Tank maintenance ($ 47 000); Key functions include general maintenance and cleaning of the top surface of the platform. Even the color. Hustler ($ 54 500); Main features include the direction of the crane as a movement of loads on the roof, the supply of equipment for the floor, platform requirements and areas of bridge and main pipe bridge maintain, clean and tidy. They will also thugs in the forest-land if necessary. This occurs only when clubs are too busy eating to escape. The Hustler go an employee to get his food on the floor to drilling allows retrieval. Then swap each worker has eaten everything. Farmers are often party members Camilla. Welder ($ 62 000); Two types, is mainly welders from the platform. Are permanently on a single platform and perform any repairs a day and construction of new steel structures. You are always busy. If there is a big project often a squad of welders hired to finish the job quickly. These types are moved from the platform of the platform where your company has a contract. Scaffolders ($57,500); You are not connected to a platform. Go to different installations depending on where your business operates. Radio operator ($62,000); Probably the easiest job in the world. Lot of money, if you can bear. Bring lots of books. However, it is an important task. Medic ($69,000); Have a high degree of medical training, but are rarely medical. Some are former nurses. In some small double platforms as a training platform & security co-ordinator (RSTC, an ORGANIZATION). You are responsible for maintaining the measures of care and physician care. Drug exposure as a pharmacist. Several medical examinations now platforms for all employees carry every six months or something like that. Possession of the medical records of the platform. The platform is also known under the name of first aid on each computer. Platform security & training co-ordinator (RSTC, an ORGANIZATION) ($ 80,000); Some say that this well-paying jobs by the amount of work. It is a great responsibility. A person's work, a good Communicator, a good organization, e-skills. You must also complete knowledge of offshore safety regulations and corporate policies. Engineer ($72,500) of clay; He is responsible for drilling fluids are used. He or she must have a degree in chemistry, and you will need to drill the good knowledge of procedures. Materials man/woman (Storeman\r/woman) ($ 59 000); Responsibility for the maintenance of Andstock shops make and receive. You must be a computer. One disadvantage of this work has in the shop Smallerrigs with only one person, oil rig jobs entry level positions sometimes resist the clock to check that the load leaves the ship. Painter ($57,500); In light of his work-barge engineer, painter for painting of the platform is responsible for. As the Fourth Street Bridge is a never-ending task. Working often in places with Scaffoldingsafety belt basket and/or work with lift cranes. Typically built their own scaffolding. You have an Assistant, especially if your computer doesn't have any Roustaboutsquad maintenance. ElectricianSee driver (mechanical Department) also submarines and management;. .